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3D Microfluidics

We are developing 3D microfluidics for liquid sample transport.

Microfluidic trap

Microfluidic trap for long-term storage of nanoswimmer

Micro Fractal Pipette

Miniaturized and mobile liquid handling devices are essential elements to biological or clinical applications. This will innovate the conventional liquid handling methods such as manual or automated pipetting systems. Here, we propose the micro fractal pipette as the candidate device for this objective. It is made of epoxy polymer and printed by innovative 3D nanoprinting technology based on two-photon absorption polymerization with sub-micrometer resolution. We demonstrated the efficient liquid handling performance by using the micro fractal pipette between the source droplet and the target hydrogel substrate. This is due to the high porosity (78%) and the 8.5 times larger cavity surface area compared to the full pyramid. The biomimetic inner cavity microchannel networks contribute to the low pressure drop. The proposed micro fractal pipette could also innovate the versatile and miniaturized liquid handling system, promising to various biological or clinical applications.

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